While You Were Trick-or-Treating

It has been a busy October and November for the Chester Beatty Library team.

The Creative Museum Project team convened in Bologna 7-9 October 2015 for a partner meeting and conference. Participants were introduced to both local and European case studies of creative collaboration as well as workshops exploring learning through objects, arduino and how to set-up a creative museum community.


Conference participants

Chester Beatty’s Creative Lab for Teens – The Art of Fibonacci

Have you ever created a work out of sweets? Our teens worked with artist Ida Mitrani and environmental scientist Caitriona Buggle and explored the art and science of Fibonacci.  They were inspired by the geometric patterns as found in nature as well as the Library’s collection.  The room was filled with the sweet aroma of sweets and creativity!

Silk Worm Club Spooky Halloween Masks

Our creative kids made these wonderful masks inspired by a Japanese scroll The Tale of Oeyama; one of the best-known heroic stories from medieval Japan, featuring kidnapped maiden, terrifying ogres and fearless warriors. Here are some of our Silk Worm Club kids wearing their scary masks.

SWC_31 10 2015


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