The Role of National Museums in (Re) Negotiating National Identity Friday 12 February 2016

Chester Beatty Symposium, Friday 12 February 9am-4.30pm

Venue: Lecture Theatre, Chester Beatty Library

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The once homogenous national culture of Ireland in the 20th century now co-exists as one strand of a multicultural fabric. This multiculturalism now opens new debates about culture and identity. One hundred years on from the Easter Rising, do national museums in Ireland truly reflect Irish identity in 2016? The symposium will reflect on the origins of our museums and the narratives they promote; ask whether they are relevant to Irish citizens today; and suggest, what might improve in the future.

Speakers: Peter Aronnson (Linnaeus University, Sweden); Alan Chong (Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore); Patrick Cooke (School of Art History, UCD); Fionnuala Croke (Chester Beatty Library) and Elizabeth Crooke (University of Ulster); with contributions from Alan Kirwan (House of European History, Brussels), Jenny Siung (Chester Beatty Library), Raghnall O’Floinn (National Museum of Ireland) and Sheila Watson (University of Leicester).


The Role of National Museums in (Re)Negotiating National Identity 12 February 2016

The Chester Beatty Library has programmed a number of events to celebrate Ireland 2016 including:

A one-day symposium: The Role of National Museums in (Re)Negotiating National Identity, Friday 12 February 2016, 9.30am-4.30pm, venue: CBL Lecture Theatre. 

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Museums play an important role in defining the identity of a nation. At any time in a nation’s history, someone decides what is, and what is not, part of our ‘national culture’. National museums are perceived as authoritative spaces with the potential to select what objects to collect and display. Moreover, by using these objects to tell stories, they can influence the ideas and values that contribute to our sense of national culture and identity.
With contributions from a range of speakers from Ireland and abroad, the papers will move from international examples to reflect on how Irish museums respond to complex issues around nationalism and multiculturalism; and how they negotiate
national identity.

Speakers: Peter Aronsson (Linnaeus University, Sweden); Alan Chong (Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore); Patrick Cooke (School of Art History, UCD); Fionnuala Croke (Chester Beatty Library); and Elizabeth Crooke (University of Ulster); with contributions from Alan Kirwan (House of European History, Brussels), Jenny Siung (Chester Beatty Library) and Sheila Watson (University of Leicester).

Other Events
Other events include two lunch time talks exploring the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Taisho-Era Japan in 1916 this March and April.  Check our What’s On for more details