Enchanting Autumn

Hong Ling, 2014 © Hong Ling. Courtesy Soka Art

A Peak of Reds, Hong Ling, 2014
© Hong Ling. Courtesy Soka Art

Our programme for September-December 2016 is full of activities and events that may whet your appetite. Dip your toe in our series of music events including Thai Music and Dance or Classical Indian Music this October.

You can also catch our temporary exhibition Hong Ling: A Retrospective 21 October 2016 – 29 January 2017 and other-related events. For those of you who wish to explore Chinese-inspired art we have workshops for children, teens and adults. Artist Lorraine Lawlor will focus on Western oil painting and Chinese landscape painting. Calligrapher Li Jia will join us in November for a public demonstration and workshop.

For more details and other-related events including lunchtime talks, tours and films see What’s On

The Creative Museum project Brighton September 2016

The Creative Museum project team convened in Brighton for a partner meeting and workshop Building a Creative Museum Together. Attendees were introduced to both local and project partner case studies of creative collaboration as well as a series of quick-fire workshops for participants to experience different aspects of how to develop a creative museum. These included workshops with Kevin Bacon, Brighton Museum, Jenny Siung, Chester Beatty Library, Marilyne Basilic & Juliette Giraud, Museomix, Sejul Malde, Culture 24, Deborah Hustic, Radiona Makerspace, and facilitated by Don Undeen of Georgetown University and Jo Anne Sunderland Bowe of Heritec UK.  The event was part of Brighton Digital Festival.

Maker-in-Residence 2016

Workshop in action

Creative Museum project 2016. Photo: Jenny Siung


Creative Museum project. Photo: Jenny Siung


Creative Museum project 2016. Photo: Jenny Siung

Look out for our forthcoming maker-in-residence as part of the Creative Museum project initiative. A number of makers are traversing the skies to work in partner museums including the Finnish Museums Association, Trondheim Museums (Norway), Cap Sciences (Bordeaux), Derby Silk Mill (UK) and of course Chester Beatty Library (5-12 December 2016).


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